A dynamic voice, fierce passion and a gifted creator in emergence: Parker Matthews is ready to drive pop music to the next level, delving into his heart and mind to create a personal and relatable platform for his audience to connect with.

Originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Matthews first felt the tug of his life calling while watching Whitney Houston perform “I Will Always Love You” at the 1994 Grammy Awards. Drawing inspiration from Houston’s iconic voice and presence, he began his journey by developing his own sound and quickly learned to find solace in the world of music. Years later, Parker fostered his creative talent by attending North Allegheny Intermediate High School in Wexford, Pennsylvania, an institute highly involved in the arts.

Matthews learned from an early age the unfortunate realities of growing up misunderstood. He struggled with depression and bullying resulting in an overwhelming abundance of suicidal thoughts. “I realized if I ended things, I was just going to let ‘them’ win, and that wasn’t allowed to happen. I picked myself back up, and truly moved forward with my life. It’s not about being sorry for me, or trying to find pity, but realizing your past is what constructs you into the person you are today” Matthews explains. He now emerges as an advocate for Suicide prevention and anti-bullying by supporting organizations such as The American Foundation for Suicide Prevention and LGBTQ+ and spreading positivity and fortitude through his music and lyrics.

Since then, Matthews has spent his days-and many nights-writing music and recording in the studio. As a person and an artist, Matthews is determined to lead and tell his story through the creative process as an artist. With inspiration rooting from renowned artists such as Christina Aguilera, Lady Gaga, Adele, Jennifer Hudson and Jessie J, his first single, “Lost With You,” constitutes the message of human connection and the rewarding experience of embracing who you are, despite what others may think. “I want to really help people to realize that it does get better. You, as a person, have the power to change your life, to choose to be happy, and to make the right choice on what path to lead” Matthews explains.

In between late nights in the studio and 3am writing sessions, he travels the world, connecting with people and cultures from all across the globe. As for his future, Matthew realizes this is only the beginning, as he continues to grow through hard work and dedication. Above all, he wants fans to believe the same, and looks forward to connecting with them through his music.